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Attention Saskatchewan Sheep and Lamb Producers(April 2013) Mandatory CSIP Tags
The Saskatchewan Sheep Development Board would like to remind producers  that all sheep and lambs are to be tagged before they leave the farm of origin with an approved Canadian Sheep Identification Program tag purchased and activated by the approved distributor.  For Saskatchewan producers the only approved distributor for sheep and lamb tags is the Saskatchewan Sheep Development Board.  All CSIP tags for sheep & lambs produced in Saskatchewan need to be purchased from the SSDB.  Should CFIA Inspectors discover that the tag applied is not the correct sheep tag or that there is no approved tag applied, you are putting YOURSELF at risk of a $1300.00 fine per incident.

Canadian Sheep Identification Program
 Update on the Sheep Industry's Progress Towards Mandatory RFID Tags

Producers are encouraged to apply RFID tags to lambs born during 2012; however, producers may use up their existing stocks of pink Ketchum Kurl-lock or Allflex dangle tags until a date is established when the tags will be revoked from the official CSIP list and no longer accepted at auctions or abattoirs. 

Canadian Sheep Identification Program (CSIP) tags must be applied to all animals before they leave the farm of origin. Saskatchewan producers must purchase CSIP tags from the Saskatchewan Sheep Development Board, (306)933-5200. The yellow Allflex button sheep tag and the yellow Shearwell data tag are the only official  Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tags currently being sold for use in the Canadian Sheep Identification Program (CSIP).

Latest info on mandatory RFID tags:
• In 2013 CFIA will conduct audits on animals in auctions/processors to see how many non-RFID CSIP tags are still being used. (Ketchum Kurl-lock and Allflex dangle)
• The Ketchum Kurl-lock revocation date will be established when CFIA audits show that less than 10% of the sheep and lambs on a consistent basis have Ketchum Kurl-lock tags. This outcome will determine when the use of RFID CSIP tags becomes mandatory and will be communicated to producers  in a timely manner.
• Producers may no longer purchase pink Ketchum Kurl-Lock #3 and Allflex dangle tags as official CSIP tags.

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If you are having problems with the official CSIP tags please complete this CSF-Tag Assessment Form and forward by mail to:

Canadian Sheep Federation 130Malcolm Rd Guelph ON N1K1B1

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The board operates under the regulatory structure of the Saskatchewan Agri-Food Council. Five board members elected from the five regions across the province represent the producers of Saskatchewan.

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