Storey's Barn Guide to Sheep
Jingle's Adventures a Lamb's Story
Your Sheep by Simmons/Salsbury
Livestock Guardians by Dohner
Livestock Protection Dogs by Dawydiak & Sims
Sheepdogs My Faithful Friends by Halsall
Stockdog Savy
All About Goats by Hetherington/Matthews
Goatkeeper's Vet Book 3rd edition by Dunn
Goat Production Guide by Smart
Goat Production Manual 2nd edition by Smart
Meat Goat Producers Manual (CMGA)
*reduced price* $10.00
Storey's Guide to Raising Dairy Goats
Storey's Guide to Raising Meat Goats
Storey's Guide to Raising Llamas by Birutta
Coyote Predation of Livestock
$ 9.95
Wild Predators?Not in My Backyard by Fytche
Chilled & Weak Lambs by Lawson
$ 6.95
Hoof Care by Lawson
$ 5.50
Lamb Problems by Lawson
Lameness In Sheep
Manual of Lambing Techniques by Winter/Hill
Managing your Ewe by Lawson
May Safely Graze
More Sheep, More Grass, More Money
Practical Guide to Profitable Sheep Prodn by Smart
Sheep Ailments by Straiton
Sheep & Goat Science by Emsminger/Parker
Storey's Guide to Raising Sheep by Simmons/Ekarius
Tips & Tidbits Home Remedies by Lawson
$ 6.95
The Merck Veterinary Manual - tenth edition
The Veterinary Book for Sheep Farmers by Henderson
Tan Your Hide by Hobson
Hands on Dyeing by Blumenthal/Kreider
Fleece in Your Hands
$ 9.95
Shearing Handbook by tecta
CSBA Sheep Options and Opportunities
$ 7.00
CSBA Sheep Breed Poster (2011 edition)
$ 2.00
Humane Livestock Handling by Temple Grandin
Keeping Livestock Healthy
Small-Scale Livestock Farming by Ekarius
Veterinary Parasitiology by Kennedy/MacKinnon


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The board operates under the regulatory structure of the Saskatchewan Agri-Food Council. Five board members elected from the five regions across the province represent the producers of Saskatchewan.

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