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The Saskatchewan Sheep Development Board (SSDB)can arrange sales for any Saskatchewan sheep producer requesting the service. The service can be provided for the sales of feeder and slaughter lambs, slaughter ewes and rams and goats.  The SSDB  strongly encourages the use of the SSDB classified ads webpage for advertising the sale of breeding stock.

 SSDB Marketing Service Advantages:

  • Provides lamb producers exposure to buyers across the country, providing a competitive marketing environment.
  • Producers know the feeder lamb, market lamb and slaughter sheep prices prior to shipping animals.
  • Producers have regular shipping opportunities.
  • We take the stress out of marketing.
  • SSDB is a bonded licensed dealer.

SSDB Marketing Service Fees per head: 
Handling $1.50 - $2.00
Insurance $0.50
Assembly Point Yardage $2.00-$4.00 dependent on local assembly yard fees.

SSDB Marketing Service Procedure
1.  The producer calls the SSDB office and provides the following information:

  • Number and type of animal
  • Approximate weight or weight range of animal(s).
  • Birth month/s
  • Breed of animal.
  • If male lambs are castrated.
  • If lambs are on a grain ration

2.  When the SSDB office has a suitable number of animals on offer from producers:

  • A bid sheet with information on animals being offered is sent to the buyers.
  • The buyers are generally given 48 hours to respond with bid. The successful buyer is contacted as soon as the bidding closes.

3.  Arrangements are made with the buyer for trucking and assembly. A truck is normally sent to the assembly point if there is a minimum number of 100 head.
4.  Producers are then contacted and provided a bid price and asked to confirm commitment to shipping and numbers being committed.  Producers are instructed to bring their animals to the assembly point on a specific day and by a certain time. The animals are weighed, and weight is recorded on the manifest. Producers are paid on recorded weights regardless of destination. Producers must have a CSIP tag in all animals and a completed manifest upon arrival at the Assembly Yard.
5.  Producers are required to put a unique identifying mark on their animals for ease of identification.
6. The truck picks up the animals and the load information is sent to the buyer. The buyer then forwards payment to the office and a cheque is issued to the producer,
normally within three business days. Depending on mail services and producer location payment should be received within one to two weeks.
7. The current assembly points are located at Saskatoon, Dysart, Tisdale, Yorkton, Maple Creek, Meadow Lake and Swift Current.  Volumes at assembly location must be enough to warrant sending a truck for pick up. 
Note: We are always looking for additional locations for assembly if there is enough demand and criteria can be met.
8. The price quoted by the buyer is based on quality animals, poor quality animals are discounted.
9. The SSDB office must be notified of any changes to the committed number of sheep/lambs to be delivered to the assembly point asap. Freight is a substantial cost; loads must be full, and space has been reserved for your animals.  Our expectation is that producers will maintain their commitment to the SSDB and other producers in the province.
10. If a producer has called the office to put animals on offer, the office must be notified if the situation changes, and the animals are no longer on offer.  If the office is not notified of the change your animals will be included on the bid sheet, resulting in an inaccurate offering to the buyers. 

SSDB Large Volume Option
Producers with a larger number of lambs available for sale at one time (normally 150 or more) can request their lambs be offered for bid as a single owner group.  Buyers will then be bidding only on the individual producer’s lambs. This option may include a farm pick up. Farm pick up is dependent on location, arrangements made to determine weight of animals and the number of animals offered. Shrink may apply on a farm pick-up.


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The board operates under the regulatory structure of the Saskatchewan Agri-Food Council. Five board members elected from the five regions across the province represent the producers of Saskatchewan.

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