January 2022

2021 has been a year we will likely never forget. Drought for most parts of the province has been very stressful. Some of you had to make the difficult decision to sell the flock, others a significate reduction in size. It is my hope and prayer that 2022 we see the snow and the rain.
It's time once again for you to complete the annual produc-er registration form and return it to the SSDB. Provincial regulation requires that producers do this on an annual basis. We would appreciate you completing the registration form either online or use the copy included in this issue of Sheep Shape. If selecting online go to our website on the top right corner of the home page you will see the tab for the registration form. Thank you in advance for completing your registration.
The pandemic has again affected the Saskatchewan Sheep Development Board Symposium and AGM. We will be hosting the AGM and a series of four webinars via zoom, please see our events page and watch for emails from the office for more information on registering for these events.
Saskatchewan Sheep Development Board Annual General Meeting January 13, 2022, at 7:00 pm via zoom Webinar series schedule is as follows: Registration details for webinar series to follow shortly.
Webinar 1: "Hay Less Rations for Sheep" Thursday January 20, 2022 @7pm Presenter: Amanda Van De Kerckhove - Federated Co-op
Webinar 2: "Sheep Behavior, Humane Handling, Facilities Design" Thursday February 3, 2022 @7pm Presenter: Jennifer Woods M.Sc J. - Woods Livestock Services
Webinar 3: "Beneficial Transportation of Sheep" Thursday February 10, 2022 @7pm How you can make extra money when transporting sheep. Presenter: Jennifer Woods M.Sc. - J. Woods Livestock Services
Webinar 4 "Ewe Synchronization and Induced Lambing Production Model" Thursday February 17, 2022 @7pm Producer Panel Testimonials with Q&A Dr. Dinesh Dadarwal from the WCVM will be joining us to answer questions as well.
Each year the Saskatchewan Sheep Development Board is required to submit a written year-end report together with the Audited Financial Statement to the Saskatchewan Agri-Food Council. The Agri-Food Council is the regulatory body that we report to and are given the authority to operate as we do. The report to the Council contains much of the same information presented to membership at the AGM. I have included as part of my Executive Directors Report a portion of the reporting we are required to send to Council. Audited financial statements are posted on the Member Page. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me at 306-933-5582 or email
I wish you and your families all the best in 2022. May it snow, rain and may the feed be plentiful. I again look forward to serving you, the Saskatchewan sheep producers in this upcoming year.

Thought: The two things in life you are in total control of is your attitude and your effort.



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The board operates under the regulatory structure of the Saskatchewan Agri-Food Council. Five board members elected from the five regions across the province represent the producers of Saskatchewan.

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