Board of Directors

The Saskatchewan Sheep Development Board (SSDB) with its office in Saskatoon, SK has the provincial mandate for the sheep industry development and is considered the voice of the industry in Saskatchewan. The producers of Saskatchewan provide direction and support to the SSDB through five elected producer board members, each representing one of the five regions in the province.

2023 Board of Directors

Jason Cooper

North West Region
Major, SK
(306) 834-9196

Steven Dempsey

North East Region
Foam Lake, SK
(306) 551-1338

Megan Kroes

Central Region
Harris, SK
(306) 831-6122

Wayne Norris

South West Region
Eyebrow, SK
(403) 331-8482

Daniel Goodsman

Board Chair
South East Region
Regina, SK
(306) 570-6415

Tyler Fettes

SSBA Representative
Melfort, SK
(306) 921-9655

Office Staff

Gordon Schroeder

Executive Director

Loreen Bos

Office Administrator

Gwen Grasdal