Government of Saskatchewan Announces Change to SCIC’s Guardian Dog Rebate Program

Government of Saskatchewan Announces Change to SCIC’s Guardian Dog Rebate Program

Released on July 3, 2024

Today, Saskatchewan Agriculture Minister David Marit announced changes to the Saskatchewan Crop Insurance Corporation’s (SCIC) Guardian Dog Rebate Program.

The changes to the rebate, under the Wildlife Damage Compensation and Prevention Program, make preventing wildlife damage to producers’ livestock more affordable by increasing the maximum rebate from $100 to $400 per dog. 

“The more producers can proactively make decisions, the better their chance of protecting their animals,” Marit said. “This change is part of a comprehensive strategy that focuses on the proactive prevention of wildlife damage, demonstrating our dedication to the agricultural industry.” 

Under the new rebate, if a producer invests in an eligible guardian dog breed to safeguard their livestock, they are eligible for the new $400 amount or the full value of the dog if it is purchased for less than $400. The increase will be retroactive starting April 1, 2024.

The change comes after working in consultation with the Saskatchewan Sheep Development Board (SSDB). 

“Predation is a significant challenge for livestock producers. Guardian dogs are an important tool in reducing predation losses”, SSDB Executive Director Gord Schroeder said. “The increase in the guardian dog rebate will make purchasing a dog more affordable and reduce livestock losses. The increase is very much appreciated”.   

All Saskatchewan producers may be eligible for compensation for damage to crops and livestock caused by wildlife. Producers may also receive funding for preventative measures to reduce wildlife damage to feed supplies and livestock. 

Prevention funding is available to producers for measures taken to limit or reduce wildlife damage to crops, feed supplies and livestock. Producers are encouraged to contact their local SCIC office regarding options to prevent wildlife damage. 

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