CWM – Cold Country Wool Mattress Pad


The Cold Country Mattress Pad is filled with 100% pure new wool and covered with 100% cotton. Each Mattress Pad is stitched in a pattern unique to Custom Woolen Mills and features corner elastics to secure the Pad to your mattress.

The Cold Country Mattress Pad is available in five sizes:

Crib: Approximately 132cm x 68cm, 52 inches x 27 inches; 1.25lbs wool

3/4 Twin: Approximately 195cm x 127cm, 77 inches x 50 inches; 3lbs wool

Double: Approximately 195cm x 142cm, 77 inches x 56 inches; 3.5lbs wool

Queen: Approximately 208cm x 158cm, 82 inches x 62 inches; 4lbs wool

King: Approximately 208cm x 200cm, 82 inches x 78 inches; 5lbs wool

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