Poultry ElectraNet


PoultryNet® 12/48/3 Electric Netting – Double Spike
Made by Premier 1 Supplies
82′ x 48″ white/black roll double spike electric net fenceA prefabricated, portable electric fence that has 12 horizontal strands (11 conductive), is 48″ tall installed and has string verticals every 3″. Built-in line posts are spaced every 10′. It arrives at your door as a complete roll with the posts already built into the mesh/fence. You will need a fence energizer to electrify the net.
Keeps in chickens, ducks, geese and other poultry while keeping their ground-based predators out. Recommended for active, flighty birds. The taller 48″ net is more likely to discourage large predators such as coyotes and dogs.

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