Side Crush Emasculator


Side Crusher Emasculatome
Crushes the spermatic cords but does not cut the skin or the arteries to scrotum. Strong, precise action. Testicles dry up and scrotum shrinks within 21 days.
Easy plier action requires only one hand. Small jaws reduce scrotum injury
Excellent for castrating ram lambs up to 90 days of age.
Specs: 9.5″ long, 1″ jaw
How to Use:
Ensure that both testicles are pulled down.Only clamp one testicle cord in the scrotum at a time.When doing second side, slide the side crusher down a little. You do not want the opposing marks to meet.Precautions
Never clamp the entire scrotum with single squeeze & never allow the opposing marks (one from each side) to meet.Do not leave pliers closed. This will relax the crush on the pliers.Make sure that you crush the cord above the testicle. Crushing the testicle will cause swelling.

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