Solar Fox Light


Foxlight Predator Control. Variable flashing lights deter night predators and protect your vulnerable stock. It can be used for all farm animals that need protection at night from coyotes, foxes, wolves, and other night predators by placing near sleeping areas or roosting pens. Light sensor with 9 LED bulbs flash randomly between sunset and sunrise. Foxlights give the illusion that someone is walking/patrolling the area with a flashlight. Set lights at 100 – 150 meters apart around area that needs protection. The preferred method to mount your Foxlight is on the back of a post placed in a position to maximize field coverage. Can be place on a post, wire fence, hung from a tree, or secured on the ground. The light flash must project from the unit in a horizontal position to maximize the effect. Light will fade down before battery runs out. Developed, tested, and proven in Australia, and proven in Canada to be effective.

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