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Producers can contact the office for assistance in finding solutions to production problems. The office has many calls daily. Factsheets and information packages are available on a variety of topics. A database is maintained to provide information about the size and scope of the industry. 

Video: Ovine Progressive Pneumonia in Canadian Sheep Flocks

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Video: Preventing Abortion in Saskatchewan Sheep Flocks

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Video: Biosecurity in Saskatchewan Sheep Flocks

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Audio: Ewe Synchronization Webinar

Audio-Video: Parasite Management with Dr. Wowk

Audio:Video: Artificial Rearing of Lambs

Audio: Producer Testimonials Artifcial rearing of Lambs

Audio-Video: Annual & Perennial Forage Species for Grazing Sheep

Audio-Video: Tips for Marketing Your Lambs

About SSDB

The board operates under the regulatory structure of the Saskatchewan Agri-Food Council. Five board members elected from the five regions across the province represent the producers of Saskatchewan.

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