2022 Grasslands Sheep Exhibition Summary

2022 Grasslands Sheep Exhibition Summary

Watch for a full report on the 2022 Grasslands Sheep Exhibition in the October issue of Sheep Shape.
The 2022 Grasslands Sheep Exhibition was again a great success and enjoyed by many! 

Sheep Sales results 

High selling ram was The Govan Ranch 26K lot 17 for $7500 to Morinville Colony.
High selling ewe was lot 9 The Govan Ranch 58K for $2100 sold to Lianne Hummel/Baerental Farms.
High selling market lamb was lot 55 for $375 sold to Daniel Ecker.
High selling prospect was tied at $500, Lot 63 – sold to Mud Lake Sheep, Lot 74 – sold to Tracy Wessing

Number in SaleAverage Price
Any Other Breed
Canadian Arcott
Market Lambs9$288
Prospect Ewe Lambs9$397
Commercial Ewe1$400
Pen of 3 Ewes5$975
Pen of 2 Ewes4$575
Pen of 2 Yrlg Ewes1$750
Pen of 3 PB Ewes1$1,725
Pen of 3 Wet Stall1$750

Sheep Show:
Market Lamb Class: Grand Champion – Lot 58 Double L Farms, Reserve Champion – Lot 55 Ward Suffolks
Pen of 2 commercial ewe lambs : 1st Lot 90 Double L Farms, 2nd Lot 86 Cross Creek Farms
Pen of 2 commercial yearling ewes: Lot 92 Big Rose Farms
Pen of 3 commercial ewe lambs: 1st Lot 85 Big Rose Farms, 2nd Double L Farms
Pen of 3 purebred ewe lambs:1st Lot 93 Lambs Quarter Ranch
Grand Champion commercial pen: Lot 93 Lambs Quarter Ranch, Reserve Champion Lot 92 Big Rose Farms
Prospect Ewe Class: Grand Champion Lot 71 Double L Farms, Reserve Champion Lot 63 Haaland Livestock
Supreme Champion Ewe: Lot 19 Haynestock
Supreme Champion Ram: Lot 17 The Govan Ranch
Suffolk Ewe Lamb: 1st Lot 46 Ward 22K, 2nd Lot 42 Furze Kalo 2K
Grand Champion Suffolk Ewe: Ward 22k, Reserve Champion Suffolk Ewe: Furze Kalo 2K
Suffolk Ram Lamb:1st Lot 49 Struck J 74K, 2nd Lot 47 Furze Killer 48K
Champion Suffolk Ram: Struck J 74K, Reserve Champion Suffolk Ram: Furze Killer 48K
Suffolk Get- of-Sire: 1st Ward Suffolks
Canadian Arcott Yearling Ewe: 1st Lot 19 Haynestock Jalapeno 75J
Canadian Arcott Ewe Lamb: 1st Lot 23 The Govan Ranch, 2nd Lot 22 The Govan Ranch
Any Other Breed Yearling Ewe:1st Lot 1 Sandy Hill Java 52J, 2nd Lot 2 Double L Jemima 130J
Any Other Breed Ewe Lamb: Lot 6 Furze Krystal 19K, 2nd Sandy Hill Kara 1K    
Junior Sheep Show:
Peewee Class: 1st Leah Colman, 2nd Toby Wessing
Cloverbud: 1st Tori Colman, 2nd Kerri-Ann Walker
Junior: 1st Karly Eritz, 2nd Jordyn Govan
Intermediate: Paige Govan, 2nd Eli Bartlett
Costume Class: 1st Lane Wright

Sheep Shearing Competition:
Novice Class winner – Blaine Walter
Intermediate Class winner – Jason Struck
Senior Class – Pauline Bolay
Provincial Competition Winners – Manitoba 

Fleece Competition:   Thirty-seven fleeces were received from 14 entrants for the 2022 Grasslands Fleece Competition. Class winners and runners up were:
Range Wool: 1st place – Wanye Loewen with a Rambouillet fleece
2nd place – Graham Rannie with a Rambouillet fleece
Long Wool: 1st place – Sonja Welford with a Cotswold fleece
2nd place – Sonja Welford with a Cotswold fleece
Down Wool: 1st place – Graham Rannie with a Border Cheviot fleece
2nd place – Brooke Aitken with a Clun Forest fleece
Specialty Wool: 1st place – Rhonda Heinrichs with an Ile de France cross fleece
2nd place – Annette Mignault with an Ile de France cross fleece
Crossbred Wool: 1st place – Wes & Lois Mierau with a mixed breed fleece
2nd place – Wanye Loewen with a Rideau Arcott x Rambouillet fleece
Grand Champion Fleece: Sonja Welford with a Cotswold fleece 
Reserve Champion Fleece: Sonja Welford with a Cotswold fleece

Stock Dog Demonstration went Saturday and Sunday and were well attended.  Both the working dogs and handlers enjoyed the event and look forward to next year.   

Trade Show was busy and included wool products, feed companies, equipment manufactures, genetic improvement programing, fencing, sheep supplies and lots of good information.  

Grasslands Banquet had approximately 140 people attended.  On the menu, lamb cutlets, lamb ribs, mashed potatoes, carrots, salads and dessert.  The banquet was followed by the traditional Fun Auction which raised $3051.  
Colleen Sawyer Scholarship was presented to Jocelyn Larson at the banquet

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