Livestock premises ID participation strengthens Canadian agriculture

Livestock premises ID participation strengthens Canadian agriculture

Livestock traceability protects Canada’s livestock industry and the public’s well-being by strengthening the ability to respond quickly to disease outbreaks, food safety issues and natural disasters.

Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA), provinces and territories, and members of the livestock industry are promoting #PremisesIDWeek taking place from July 25 to 31, 2017. They are encouraging producers, farmers and operators in the Canadian livestock supply chain to participate in livestock premises identification.

Identifying premises for livestock operations has many benefits, particularly during an emergency or disease outbreak. Knowing where livestock are located and how to contact owners can reduce potential economic, social and environmental impacts to livestock operations. Livestock traceability that uses valid premises identification numbers helps the industry to:

* rapidly notify registered livestock stakeholders
* prepare, manage and reduce the impact of animal health or food safety issues, such as diseases, fires or floods
* track and trace animals in the event of an emergency
* better manage emergencies to help maintain market access

The CFIA is considering changes to the Health of Animals Regulations ( for livestock traceability. These changes would require all Canadian operators of premises where livestock may be loaded or unloaded from a vehicle to have a valid premises identification number for each site, and to report the number when receiving livestock.

Canada’s livestock traceability system is a collaborative effort involving federal, provincial and territorial governments as well as livestock and poultry sectors. A robust traceability system helps ensure we can continue to maintain Canada’s world-class reputation of producing safe and healthy food, which helps ensure a profitable agricultural sector.

For more information on getting your free premises identification number, or to find a contact in your province or territory, please visit ( .


“Being able to trace the movement history of an animal from one point to another will strengthen Canada’s ability to respond quickly to health threats and other emergencies. We encourage producers and stakeholders across the supply chain to increase participation in livestock premises identification.”
* Lawrence MacAulay, Minister of Agriculture and Agri-Food

Quick Facts

* Getting a premises identification number is free and easy. Operators need to provide the following information: location of the premises; animal species kept at the premises; the type of agriculture and food operations; and contact information.
* The five Canadian provinces with mandatory premises identification are Prince Edward Island, Quebec, Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta ? but all provinces and territories have systems in place to issue PID numbers.
* Sectors such as poultry have already independently developed systems for collecting traceability information.
* New or existing premises identification numbers should be shared with livestock traceability administrators, such as the Canadian Cattle Identification Agency or Pig Trace Canada, to initiate or complete registration.

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