Kerbl OviNet Double Spike Electric Net


Especially well suited for use with several nets in a row, these double spike nets provide optimum current supply to the most remote sheep net, thanks to a galvanized copper conductor in the top strand of wire.

  • height 90 cm (36″) (9 horizontal poly wires) or 108 cm (43″) (10 horizontal poly wires)
  • length 50 m (164′)
  • sturdy plastic posts with galvanized bottom tip
  • Horizontal current conduction with 3 x 0.20 mm stainless steel conductors per poly wire
  • strengthened, energized upper poly wire – increased conductivity thanks to the use of 5 stainless steel wires and a tin-plated copper wire
  • extremely stable welded knots
  • head insulator and ground stopper make self-loosening of the poly wire virtually impossible
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