STARTECTTM A New Concept in Controlling Internal Sheep Parasites Now Available from Zoetis Canada

STARTECTTM A New Concept in Controlling Internal Sheep Parasites Now Available from Zoetis Canada

News Release – Canadian Sheep Federation- January 22, 2018

From a press release issued by Zoetis

Kirland, QC (January 22, 2018) Zoetis announced today the availability of STARTECTTM, a dual active oral anthelmintic solution for sheep. STARTECT contains 1.0 mg abamectin and 10 mg derquantel and is a highly effective, short-acting oral sheep drench designed to optimize flock productivity1-5, and is the first new class of drench to be approved in combination ? a combination developed to be effective against parasite resistance. “Parasite resistance has become an important issue in sheep flocks in Canada leading to a loss in productivity and even death. The introduction of STARTECT will have a major impact on reducing this management concern.” comments Dr. Melanie Wowk, Manager Veterinary Services ? Cattle, Equine, Genetics Product Support.

STARTECT treats and controls a broad range of adult and immature worms, including the “barber pole worm”, Haemonchus contortus, and other important gastro intestinal nematode parasites such as Teladorsagia and Trichostrongylus. Startect has also demonstrated high efficacy (greater than 95%) against certain worms known to be resistant to other dewormers.

“Zoetis, along with veterinarians and the Veterinary Directorate branch of Health Canada acknowledge that the use of STARTECT in flocks should be combined with a sustainable Integrated Parasite Management program in order to preserve efficacy. In order to help producers manage resistance, all parties collaborated to develop a Customer Information Sheet that is included with every unit of STARTECT” comments Toni Bothwell, Director of Regulatory Affairs and Pharmacovigilence at Zoetis Canada Inc. “Zoetis is proud to support the Canadian sheep industry and to build collaborative relationships with multiple industry stakeholders”.

A prescription from a licensed veterinarian is needed to obtain STARTECT. For more information about STARTECT and its role in flock health, contact your veterinarian and your Zoetis Territory Manager.

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